Dota 2 pro Solo threatens Epicentre Major boycott amid Ceb alleged racism row

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  Hours after the Ceb drama had initially begun on May 24, pros chimed in on the situation. The most notable was Solo, who dropped a lengthy post on Russian social media site VK with his thoughts. “必发88官网Russian whores who would sell their mothers for MMR. That’s not the kind of stuff you say even if you get frustrated,” started Solo - zeroing in on Ceb’s comments.

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  “Schizophrenic animals from Russia. Third world dogs. You simply can’t say these things no matter what caused them. I am proud to be Russian and your words 必发88 leave me speechless.” Yet, Solo wasn’t done there. After explaining his feelings on the situation, including the reasons why he had to speak up about it, he called on Valve to intervene.

  He concluded:?“I won’t be participating at the upcoming Epicenter Major that will be played in my home country unless Valve openly speaks about this case and ensures consistency and transparency when it comes to treating racism in our game."

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